Annabelle Creation (2017)

The Conjuring Universe got off to a great start with the first two instalments of the Warren chasing down ghosts and demons, but the weakest part of the franchise so far has to be there Annabelle movies.

Most people were laughing when the camera focuses on a doll, who doesn’t move, talk, or have an impact on any scene that she is in. Yes, objects and people get possessed, but if you want to scare people in 2017, there has to be a better way. Don’t get me wrong, this doll is creepy and is the home to a very powerful demon. Just Annabelle doesn’t scare me and it shouldn’t scare you. What you should be scared about is the demon who comes to life through her. That’s what this franchise should really focus on in these movies, not a hand crafted doll with no emotions.

The thing about these kind of horror movies is in order for the demon to enter our world, someone has to act so stupid to draw attention to themselves. I always laugh when I see the meme of the sign of “death” and the guy running towards it. We all laugh at horror movies, because this is exactly what happens every single time. In this case, sweet innocent girls move into a house so a loving couple who suffer a great tragedy can make peace with it. Instead of following the rules, one girl decisions to explore unchartered rooms and welcome the demon and give a movie with countless problems. When people start to die, no one leaves, and of course no one believes that any of this is actually possible. It’s moments like this that make hate how horror movies follow the same exact story from film to film and don’t really focus on the scares, but blood and gore.

The Conjuring was pretty good, it opened up many avenues for endless stories about the known and the unknown. The sequel I felt was even better and gave me hope for some epic scare movies in the future, like part three and the movie about that creepy nurse lady. The first Annabelle was pretty lame and this one pretty much stayed the same in regards to keeping me entertained and peaking my interest. Only a handful of times did I feel nervous about what was to come, because this movie didn’t have the scare tactics you would expect from such a top billing. I was always nervous on what was really in the dark and how will they would use it to their advantage of telling this origin story, which turned out to be pretty lame.

star rating: 4/10

One thought on “Annabelle Creation (2017)

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Conjuring universe, but Annabelle I thought was just stupid and boring. However, I actually really liked this Annabelle: Creation film as it was oodles time better than its predecessor (to me), had a unique sense of atmosphere and terror, and probably had the highest death toll of any of the Conjuring films, lol!

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