Major League (1988)

It all began with Major League in 1989. What some would consider the greatest baseball comedy of all-time, is really the torch-bearer for anything that followed, because up until that time there was nothing like it. In the ultimate rags to riches story, this all-star cast really go through the ups and downs of a major league baseball season, a season they were suppose to fail miserably at. There is non-stop laughs from the opening credits to the final out, which will keep fans coming back again and again. This story never really gets old. We get treated to a high-profile love story off the field, while on the field the story centers around corporate greed and how bad blood can disrupt a clubhouse. I’m a hockey guy and most of us all know Slap Shot is the holy grail of hockey comedies, which makes me believe Major League is the baseball equivalent. 8/10

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