Battle of Sexes (2017)

 Battle of the Sexes is one of those stories no one ever hears about or remembers, yet in the end was impact enough on society that it needed to get told. It was really hard to sit through a two-hour plus movie watching Emma Stone act in a role that really took away her beautiful charm. You know it’s her, but it doesn’t look anything like her. Meanwhile, what can you say about Steve Carell? Funny guy that is always hit or miss (sorry I never watched The Office), really excelled that this role. Funny, stupid, and out of his league, you can see his potential as Bobby Riggs waste away before your eyes. At the end of it all though, if you know this story you won’t be surprised by the outcome, let alone the actual tennis action. If you want to learn a little bit more about Billie Jean King as a person, then this biography movie may be for you. No matter what they say though, this should not win any awards of any kind. 5/10 


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