Major League II (1994)

The story for Major League II had to be so bad that a handful of stars from the first film decided it wasn’t worth coming back. In an attempt to keep the humor going, some main characters under went a change of personality which ultimately failed, causing the entire movie to just fall flat. The owner is out, but comes back, to hope for the same results from the first film. Major League II is supposed to show a progression of the Cleveland Indians, loaded with new talent, yet really showcases regression on and off the field. For the longest time I recall this one being of the better entries of the franchise, but boy was I was wrong when I finally sat down to re watch it. Slap Shot 2 was a really terrible sequel to Slap Shot, which means some films are just better left untouched because they stand out in their genre as gems. Sequels sometimes tarnish those legacies, which leave a bad impression for anyone who looks into them. 4/10

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