Stronger (2017)

Most people know by now that anything related to Boston hits home with me, because I’m from that area. Patriots Day is still one of my favorite movies because it was an inspiring look at heroes who tried to deal with an unprecedented terrorist attack. Sadly many people were injured and killed, so naturally survivors have stories to tell. Sorry that I was not on board with Jeff Bauman’s story. Maybe he wasn’t a huge jerk in real life, but Jake Gyllenhaal made me care even less about this guy. After a good conversation with the girlfriend about what we thought the heart of this movie was about, I really felt Stronger showed us what happens to people who refuse help when dealing with PTSD. Bauman’s relationships all suffer and I quite honesty felt he didn’t he didn’t deserve all the second chances he got. when he just never cared enough. He does get a happy ever after, one that will make most people cry, and even though I feel bad for his situation I didn’t like the movie about his life. 4/10



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