Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Okay, where to begin. The first Kingsman was fantastic. It was outrageously crazy and funny, with endless amounts of action. This sequel was suppose to be just as good and outrageous but never really engaged me. Sadly, this movie was just not good. I won’t even try to spend all my time comparing the two movies, but everything I came to expect or know from the first one is totally different here. The main cast of characters are not great here and seem to have lost their edge. The chemistry also wasn’t there with an introduction of new good guys. The bad guy (or girl in the case) was just a terrible selection both for the character and the actress playing her. Elton John had a wasted cameo appearance, while Harry’s “bought back to life” story was rather lame and unrealistic. The fight sequences through out the entire movie were shot in such a manner that I’m sure someone somewhere got motion sickness. Overall, this film could have used these awesome talented actors and their characters in such a better story line, that I am afraid of what is to come in the third installment. 4/10


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