Mother! (2017)

I choose this poster to represent my review because one of the quotes says “People are going to f@#ing hate this movie”, well it turned out I am one of those people. Mother! was so terrible that it was just the girlfriend and I sitting in the theater. We spent so much time guessing what is going on with the story and the characters that we didn’t really have the energy to figure out what the metaphors were really are about. In the end it kinda made sense but kinda didn’t at the same time. It is tough to sit through a two hour movie of a director shooting close ups of his girlfriend the whole time to tell a story, which obviously some people would be into. One the other hand, Javier Bardem is a great actor, which makes me think this is by far one of the worse decisions of his career. Mother! is definitely one of those you’re either gonna love it or hate it kind of movies, that tested my patience until the very end and disappointed beyond words in a review. 1/10


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