Mr. Baseball (1992)

Mr. Baseball is the perfect example of how athletes with big contracts and big egos sometimes push themselves over the edge and out of a job. Tom Selleck is one of the game’s best players before the New York Yankees dump him and he ends up in the best league in Japan. Traditions collide on and off the field as Mr. Baseball refuses to play by a new set of rules. It takes the majority of the movie for him to smarten up and realize the great opportunities he has in front of him. The game is played the same exact way on both sides of the ocean, but the clubhouse is a totally different beast. This was probably a solid comedy movie when it premiered, I just couldn’t find myself laughing at everything because either I’ve seen this “culture shock” played out before, or the game has changed since then. Either way, Mr. Baseball isn’t the worse baseball movie ever, yet it won’t be one you remember either. 4/10


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