Victoria & Abdul (2017)

Victoria & Abdul was going to be the sort of movie that never gets the love of wide releases, yet would be a diamond in the rough come award season. The majority of you are gonna love this movie, I did not. With the exception of the brilliant acting of Judi Dench as Queen Victoria, everything was boring, uninteresting, and just dragged on. Abdul was cool until you find out some dark secrets about him, which turned me against him. I lost all respect for the guy and didn’t care what happened to him. It is a shame he was erased from history, but sometimes it is just the way it is. The only real enjoyable parts of the movie are when the house staff, including the Prime Minister, the Queen’s Doctor, and future King do everything they can to get rid of him. Eddie Izzard is almost invisible at first, but if you know his personality and stand up comedy routines, you’ll see him in a totally different light. I was excited for this movie and it disappointed me. Be warned heading into this that it may be a tear jerker or a head scratching disappointment. 3/10


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