Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 reminded me of the Star Wars series. Now that sounds a little crazy I know, but hear me out. I felt like I was watching one family’s personal drama dragged out for three pointless hours. I have never seen the original Blade Runner, since it came out the year I was born. Harrison Ford probably looks the same and this was probably a compelling story once upon time, but this is 2017…I mean 2049. There is a lot of weird characters and angles in this futuristic sci-fi drama, that were interesting, creepy, and boring at the same time. I don’t actually fully understand the whole basis of this story, what Ryan Gosling was really doing with his life, and why certain characters had to die. The ultimate twist though was one that I didn’t see and was actually amazed with it. I give the writer’s credit for pulling it off and leading me a completely different path for almost three hours. The majority of the masses will love this movie and there will be plenty to love. The girlfriend wasn’t overly impressed with Blade Runner 2049 and I personally didn’t like it or hate it. I didn’t see the whole point of everything and those feelings leave me no interest in ever watching this again, although I promise to watch the original at some point. 5/10 


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