The Babe (1992)

Babe Ruth is a legend on and off the field. For those of you who just know him as a baseball player would be shock to know how heartless he really was outside of the uniform. He is hailed as the greatest player to ever play the game of baseball, but no where in his trophy case would be husband or father of the year awards. Sometimes heroes live very tragic lives which make us feel bad for them in some way or another. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of The Babe, but since he played for my beloved New York Yankees in a stadium that used to be nicknamed after him, I have to respect that. Now having said that, this guy was seriously a piece of trash. Today his life would be plastered all over the tabloids and TMZ, so thankfully he lived in a different time frame. The Babe used his celebrity to get all the perks of the rich and famous, which included endless meals, cigars, and women. Those who love history, whether it is baseball or famous people, would already know these secrets or get exposed to them by this movie. John Goodman is too nice of a guy to ever play such a role, which made this movie drag on. His performance was bang on, consider the subject material was tough to sit through. I had never seen this film until the other day and it would be a safe bet I won’t bother with it again. 2/10

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