The Perfect Game (2009)

The Perfect Game was a baseball movie I never heard about until I started this project. I vaguely knew about the event the movie is based upon and was completely blown away by the story. This captivating and inspiring story has to be one of the best baseball movies no one ever talks about. The Perfect Game will bring you to tears, melt your heart, and remind you why baseball is one of the greatest games on Earth. The game can move mountains, answer prayers, and bring communities together. I always thought Hardball was the best movie about little league kids who struggle to achieve success, then I was introduced to the Monterrey Industries, who took their passion for the game to a whole new level. After watching this movie the other day I would totally love to add it to my collection, that’s how much of an impression on me. I can’t say much about these kids since I have never seen any of them in other movies, but their performances here were phenomenal. These funny kids seemed to be on a mission from God because never ever broke their spirits, despite the disadvantages they faced at every turn. The Perfect Game really is a great baseball movie and a great movie to watch with the family.  9/10

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