The Rookie (2002)

The Rookie may be a Disney movie, but really any movie studio could have picked up the rights and given us this special inspirational story. What makes the story of Jim Morrison so amazing is the amount of passion he has for the game of baseball and the desire to follow his dreams. Even though Morrison’s cup of coffee in the major leagues was short-lived, his story is inspiring considering the age he reached the big leagues and the long road he took to actually get there. I often feel destiny plays a major part in our lives and plays a role when we contemplate long-term goals and dreams. Some people figure out their lives at an early age, while others always have a thought of what could have been lingering in the back of their minds. Jimmy surrounded himself with the game of baseball because he always felt he had the stuff just never caught a break when it mattered the most. What originally started as a bet with his high school baseball team, turned into the opportunity of a life time. The Rookie focuses on all the bumps and bruises along the way, while reminding everyone that life with a family can really complicate even the most dedicated person chasing their dreams. The chance to throw in the major league is an inspiration not only to thousands of kids across the globe, but to any little ones at home. Anyone who grows up to say their dad or mom was a professional athlete, that can really motivate them to follow and achieve all their dreams. The Rookie may be a Disney movie, but at the end of the day Dennis Quaid gives us a great performance as a guy who never really gave up, even when the odds were never gonna be in his favor. 8/10

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