The Snowman (2017)

If you got up today and looked up news on The Snowman, you would have learnt that the author of the best-seller, Jo Nesbo, has decided to longer be part of the promotional tour for the movie. That honestly sums up how bad this movie turned out to be. I was so excited for this movie for a handful of reasons, one of those being Rebecca Ferguson, the dark Scandinavian theme, and the fact it has awesome looking movie posters. I was  hyped up for this movie because it made me wonder if this was a different version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Different stories, I know, but Michael Fassbinder’s character has to catch a serial killer who only strikes at unique times. This really was a waste of talented actors because the story leaves you with far more questions than answers. People die and you’re like what just happened, a lot of it just doesn’t make sense. Things are so bad that the actual bad guy mails in a terrible performance. I feel he was more focused on building snowmen and sending cute messages then covering his tracks. His whole motivation to kill innocent people is really not rational. Most serial killers have mental issues, but his are so weak that it just isn’t strong enough for me to feel fearful. The overall story and minor characters are really bad and do nothing to keep the story interesting or engaging. If you were excited for this movie, sorry to burst your bubble. 3/10


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