Firefighting is a dangerous job. Sometimes you respond to a fire and don’t make it home again. Only the Brave is a true story about heroes who battled a really intense wildfire in 2013 down in Arizona. If you are an emotional person, be prepared to cry a lot. This a great story because it gets you invested in all the characters and their personal lives. Then you realize in the heat of the moment, mother nature rears her ugly head and these guys you’ve come to know and love are in mortal danger. There is really nothing to knock this movie about. The cast is great, the writing is solid, the drama is intense, and the action sequences are so real you like you are right there with a chainsaw and rake. It is sad this is a true story, but sometimes the best stories involve horrible circumstances. My advice is you take some time and catch Only the Brave, a great show case to those who sacrifice their lives to protect others. 8/10