The Pride of the Yankees (1942)

Lou Gehrig is a baseball God. He may be referenced in the medical field a lot, but he left his mark in human history on the ball diamond. His record for most consecutive games played lasted for decades and his career totals make him one of the greatest players in sports history. The Pride of the Yankees gave us the opportunity to see the highlights of the good and bad times in Gehrig’s life, whether it losing a big game, winning a batting title, or sorting out his personal conflicts at home while pursing baseball and meeting his wife. This movie only came out only a year after his passing at just 37. I feel that even after all this time, The Pride of the Yankees is a fantastic baseball movie that has stood the test of time. You can feel the heart and soul of the man behind the jersey, who was so humble and lucky, yet dealt one of the worse hands of all time. 9/10


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