Hardball (2001)

Hardball is not the kind of baseball with little leaguers that you have come to expect from countless Disney themed ones. Hardball takes a long hard look at how important the game of baseball can be for those who have nothing positive in theirs lives. Baseball has been the savour for so many people across this globe, that no one ever takes a look at some of the inner city programs of major American cities. These stories exist, everyday, in places you’d least expect. On and off the field, drama can make or break a team, whether the players can’t play or actually corporate together once they don their jerseys. Not only as players held accountable for their actions or lack there of, but team personnel too, like coaches and team organizers. Most people would point that Keenu Reeves is great here as a fall down drunk gambler who is just waiting for a break to make a better life for himself. Fate sometimes a cruel way to bring things together, but becoming a Little League coach was the break his character needed to see life from a different perspective and wake him up inside and out. Movie goers will love all the characters on the team. Despite coming from the same rough neighbourhood, everyone brings a unique personality to the field that really makes you laugh or cry, depending on the situation. Hardball is almost as realistic as it comes so be aware that this story will affect your emotions. 9/10

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