Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day was a really combination of Groundhog Day and Before I Fall. Instead of trying to find ways to get killed to end a tireless cycle, our main character Tree Gelbman (***), gets killed in fun unique ways every day. The smartest aspect the writers threw into the story line is that every time she meets her maker, she wakes up a little bit weaker. In other films (sorry it is extremely hard not to compare such stories) our main characters always wake up in the same condition. In reality, Tree only has a limited time to track down her killer, make amends with past, and change her personality for the better. Unfortunately the creepy stalker guy has been played out two billion times, so this wasn’t overly exciting. The most enjoyable parts of the movie is her mood swings with every passing day and then her determination once she figures out a course of action. You will guess the entire movie who the actual killer is and maybe be surprised at the end when you found out. 6/10 


3 thoughts on “Happy Death Day (2017)

    1. Hey! Haven’t heard from you in a looong time. Yes, HDD was one of those fun popcorn munching kind of movie. If you dont’expect and just want to be entertained by a slasher kind of flick, this would be a decent one.

      1. I’ll definitely check it out on Netflix (or whoever gets the rights to it first). That’s exactly what I want from a slasher. I don’t expect Oscar-worthy! 🙂

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