Suburbicon (2017)

According to the Cineplex pre-show and George Clooney, Suburbicon was written sometime in the late 1980’s. Now after watching this terrible movie, my only question is why on earth was this ever given the green light to be made?? Some great people were attached to this project besides Clooney, which included Matt Damon, Oscar Issac, and Julianne Moore. As we sat through the very slow and pointless opening, we wondered if we should have stayed or left. In the end, we suffered through a movie that has one of the best posters to be released in 2017, yet lacked anything of merit on the screen. Suburbicon could realistically be the worse place to live ever, with crazy riots, weird neighbours, and lots of murders. A simple case of insurance fraud can be really good, but this was a complete train wreck from start to finish. I wish I could tell you this was good story, that the performances were worth the price of admission, and that this would be worth your time. It was none of the above, so do yourself a favour and skip this film at the theaters and when it gets released for home media, you’ll thank me. 1/10 


4 thoughts on “Suburbicon (2017)

  1. The butchering has its own hidden agenda and love of Clooney is not high on the list. I enjoyed this film. It has its faults but it is an audacious way to frame a story about conservative white America.

    1. If you never watched the movie, you probably wouldn’t know there’s a whole other story about racism hidden beyond the back yard fence. I am still confused on whether this was a film about that or how stupid some people can be? I love Matt Damon and Oscar Issac but this was just terrible all around.

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