Thank You for Your Service (2017)

The events of September 11 not only changed the world, but the amount of new content Hollywood would be able to produce almost two decades later. There is a growing trend with military movies that get released today that focus on the trauma and PTSD effects of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. When you look back at movies that center around the World Wars, they were usually about war changing battles and other famous moments. Thank You for Your Service is a reminder that we send thousands of innocent men and woman to fight wars over seas and they come home broken without any help from the people who sent them there. I know there are hundreds upon thousands of stories just like this one, and for someone only a select few ever get told. This film won’t win any awards because there are no break through performances to brag about. What the film accomplishes may be just what it said out to do, remind the general public that these people who fight for freedom need our help, today more than ever. Society seems to turn a blind eye to these wounded soldiers as they struggle to adapt to a normal life again. 4/10 


2 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Service (2017)

    1. Thanks Dan. I agree with your comment. It worked well enough to tell a story, whether it was actually a worthwhile story or not is a whole other topic ha ha.

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