Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor: Ragnarök is a game changer. No matter what the people or critics say, this wasn’t really an ordinary superhero/comic book theme movie, it was a buddy comedy disguised as a Marvel movie. I personally didn’t laugh from the opening sequences through the multiple end credit scenes, but this movie was just built upon laugh after laugh. My favourite parts all centered around a new character named Korg. He gave the silliest one liners and when he was involved in the action, he was always in the center with the funniest accent. Yes, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) get all the good scenes and lines, but this was all to be expected so I wasn’t overly surprised. The “Get Help” scene will be a classic scene that will live in movie trivia lore for years to come. Cate Blanchett was stunning as Hela, The Queen no one knew about, first-born of Odon (Anthony Hopkins), who was exiled decades before. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) really has his hands full in this film, whether it’s fighting his best friends, fighting for his freedom, or fighting for his people, he ends up with some gruesome battle scars that I don’t agree with and don’t look forward to seeing in future movies. Maybe someone with comic book knowledge can explain to me his new look and if it’s what the character is really like outside of the movies. At the end of the day,  Thor: Ragnarök will be everything you could ever want in a movie with amazing visual effects, brilliant acting, and a crazy storyline that will have you keeled over laughing. Don’t wait for this movie to be released on home media, go out to the theatre and experienced the movie on the big screen like it was intended to be. 8/10 


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