Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a film that is one of a kind. During a time when technology wasn’t the savior for the movie industry, trick cinematography gave us one memorable movie. It was almost unheard of that human actors/actresses would interact in the same scene as animated characters, but we got it here in this film. Set in the glory days of old Hollywood, there’s a faint stink in the air that animated characters who really brought motion pictures to life, were gonna be snuffed out in favor of modern things that could make money. In a dark corrupt story there is a patsy and this time it just happens to be one of the smartest, yet dumbest, rabbits alive; Roger Rabbit. His crazy personality is both his best and worse features as a character, since he can’t sit still long enough to listen to a secret, let alone keep one. But no star would be a star without a great companion, which happens to be Eddie Valiant played by Bob Hoskins. Valiant is the down on his luck crummy detective who carries enough personal baggage with him, no one is interested in being his friend let alone hire him for work. Thanks to his troubling history, he gets recruited to save the day while everyone makes fun of him for helping a “toon”. The aspect that really makes this pair work is their contradicting personalities, which move the story along as this unlikely duo try to save the day before time runs out. 8/10

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