Madeline (1998)

Madeline is a movie the majority of us would skip, even on those days we are bored and already caught up on everything playing on Netflix. My girlfriend recommended this movie because she likes it and the crazy characters make her laugh. What amazed me was how flawlessly Frances McDormand pulled off the Catholic nun character. We have seen her in so many roles over her career, so it really was no surprise she mastered this nurturing mother kind of role. There is a charming innocence to the entire story which is what would win a few people over. Girls attend this school for a chance to be educated, have an amazing childhood, and build long-lasting friendships. Of course a mean old man threatens to destroy everything they have for a quick buck, but no movie would be complete without a villain who has a cold heart that needs a little melting. Madeline would be a good choice to watch with the entire family. 6/10 


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