The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Does anyone have the contact information for director Yorgos Lanthimos? I’d love to find out what The Killing of a Sacred Deer was about. Seriously, what was on his mind while writing and directing? If I cared enough about this film, I would probably toss and turn at night thinking about it, but this movie sucked so much, after this review this will be the last time I ever think of this movie. I actually don’t have words to describe the film or my feelings about it. The story is weird and the music that accompanies the awkwardness of the acting and dialogue is so creepy and out-of-place, it drowns everything else out. The dialogue is delivered in such a soft monotone that if you don’t pay attention to every word you will end up lost in the story. If you manage to make through the first two minutes of disgusting open heart surgery, then be prepared for some really confusing stuff with worse writing and acting than anything else released this year, which includes Mother and Bad Moms. 1/10 


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