Wonder (2017)

Wonder will probably be the feel good movie of the year. Jacob Tremblay will win an award or a couple of them for his performance as Auggie, a little boy with a facial deformity. The girlfriend was dying to see this film, when I was kinda meh about it. She cried from start to finish, because this story and its characters are emotional, but I never shed a tear. Everything that happened to Auggie didn’t make me cry, what moved me and stuck with me was his sisters story, his friend’s stories, and his parents. The world may have revolved around him from the day he was born, but it was everyone who was in his life that had their problems and stories to tell. The movie we went to was sold out, which would make Wonder a silent contender for a huge splash on opening weekend. 7/10 


2 thoughts on “Wonder (2017)

    1. When I think of “chick flicks” I usually think of romantic comedies, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Wonder wouldn’t be a chick flick in that sense, but if you brought a lady friend to see, she’d probably love you for it. My girlfriend cried the whole movie, so the story would win you major points. It is also a really good story to watch with the family. Besides the numerous questions kids may ask about the lead character, some may be old enough to understand the bullying and hero parts of the story. All in all, a good movie to enjoy with anyone you bring out to see it.

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