Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

When you think about going on a train ride, you think of a relaxing time without any drama. Well if you bought a ticket for the Orient Express, you just happened to buy your way onto a wild and crazy ride, that was so slow and boring that a nap in your room would be really beneficial. I don’t know what else I could about the remake that literally put me to sleep several times over. The cast of this movie was out of this world amazing, yet never really launched the story into gear. The tag line “everyone is a suspect” kinda takes away from the whole interrogation parts because we all know going in that everyone is under suspension. For me, there was just no shock value at the end when the truth finally comes out. Yes, I will give them some credit for coming up with such a creative outcome to the crime, that unless you’re familiar with the story, you won’t see coming. In the end, the Murder on the Orient Express is a remake we didn’t need, but got one anyways because they are running out of ideas at the studios. If this was called something else and featured an alternate plot about a murder on a train in the middle of no where, maybe that would actually be entertaining. 3/10 


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