Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)

Daddy’s Home 2 marks the third time Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell have shared the big screen together. This also means it’s the third crazy, stupid, pointless comedy movie they managed to get out to the general public. The cast of Daddy’s Home grew for the second instalment, which meant the jokes were better and the hijinks surrounding the Christmas holiday get turned up a few notches. Mel Gibson is hilarious here as El Padre, his sarcasm and jerk attitude as a terrible dad seemed to require little to no effort. Speaking of other actors, it’s no secret that I’ve hated Will Farrell for a long time. Nothing he does or has done is funny, and despite the numerous times I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, I always leave disappointed. Amazingly, the highlight of the film belonged to Farrell and his snow blower. It may late in 2017, but that scene gave me the best laugh of the calendar year. I was in tears and my stomach hurt from the disaster I watched unfold. Besides that one moment though, the rest of the film followed the standard holiday crazy family comedy that we get subjected to every single year despite Mark Wahlberg’s best attempt to keep the families together. 6/10 


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