Life is Beautiful (1997)

World War II is one of the most powerful moments in human history. There are probably a million stories of life back then, some about the good times and those about the bad times. The majority of us know what happened to Jewish people during the war, so Life is Beautiful is quite an unique perspective on how to find the light in a very dark world. I personally skipped this foreign language film for years, until I was convinced to give it a shot. What an amazing movie I missed out on. The main character, played by Roberto Benigni, was fantastic. It may take a moment to warm up to his crazy antics, but this guy has a heart of gold. His performance and this story are more than worthy of the Oscars the film took home. For all the movies about such a tragic subject, Life is Beautiful will be one of the best ever made because of the long-lasting impression it will leave on your heart and mind. 8/10 


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