Knock Knock (2015)

If there is anything I learnt from watching hundreds of horror movies is this: don’t let strangers into your house. Keanu Reeves lets two young beautiful girls into his home one stormy night and his what’s left of his life will never be the same. This good man, who loves his wife and his kids, falls prey to these very seductive girls who torture him one weekend while his family is away. To call these two girls, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bell (Ana de Armas) crazy or psychotic is really an understatement. There absolutely no words to describe how twisted they are because you have never seen females act like this. Just when you think the movie is going to turn this way or that, it goes into a completely different direction thus leaving you to wonder if/when the cops will come, will his family come home in time, or why on earth are they torturing him. Most of these questions get answers, but the whole idea of Keanu’s character surviving the weekend is what really keeps you engaged until the ending. 7/10 


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