Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Moulin Rouge! may be a movie that is loved by the masses and was very critically successful. I had skipped this movie for almost two decades because I knew it wasn’t my cup of tea. This film ended up being one of the worse films I have ever had to sit through. The singing was terrible, and when I mean terrible, there shouldn’t be an old guy signing Like a Virgin by Madonna. I have never seen anything so poorly written in my life. The cinematography is so quick and shaky, there is no chance for you to actually appreciate the choreography and the art behind the story. Nicole Kidman is one of the best actresses of her generation and never really appeal to me in any role to date. She is absolutely amazing in Moulin Rouge! and by that I mean both with performance and looks. She is the only bright spot about this entire film that was really tough to get through. The song selection was so bad and the mash-ups were nothing like what the girls were capable of in Pitch Perfect. The girlfriend tried to convince me their romance story is tragic and inspiring and cried during the film’s final moments. Honestly Nicholas Sparks can bring a better romance to life that would move me more than this one did. I know most of you won’t believe me when I recommend you stay far away from this film, but maybe you’ve seen it and loved it, or you’ve never seen it and want to see if I am right or wrong. 1/10 


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