Mirror Mirror (2012)

Mirror Mirror was a movie I skipped at the theater many years ago. It turned out to be one of the girlfriend’s movie picks and I hate to break it to her, this was a really bad pick. It wasn’t the worse selection ever, there were a few laughs, but how many times can they remake a classic tale and hope for a better product? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is about as classic as you can get, so when she teamed up with the Huntsman in other movies, we’ve seen how bad that turned out and those movies probably turned some people away from classic remakes. Mirror Mirror was probably fun for Julia Roberts because she can be pretty and mean at the same time, but Lily Collins was given a role as a princess, then given the bad end of the deal because of how she needed to act as the princess. There was a unique spin on the “dwarf” characters, but even their performances were not enough to rescue the princess and the movie. I’ve also seen Armie Hammer in numerous other films and this was by far this worse performance…and that includes Free Fire. What attracted these people to this story? Was it a pay cheque? Did they like the idea of being part of a fairy tale? Whatever it was, I wonder how much fun we could have interviewing them today about their roles in this really bad story of Snow White. 2/10 


2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror (2012)

    1. Alright, so by now you’ve read both of my reviews and now which film I would choose. I think today I’d chose Lily over Kristen, but sometimes our favorite people choose terrible roles to play.

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