Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Let’s flash back to June 2012. Twilight was about to wrap up and Kristen Stewart was my favorite actress. I think I booked the afternoon off to catch the very first showing of Snow White and the Huntsman, only to be disappointed. According to my IMDb ranking, I originally gave this movie a 4/10. I watch this movie again last night and with the exception of the silly dark forest magic and the creepy performance from Charlize Theron, this movie was better than I remembered. The action is solid for the movie based on a classic fairy tale. The synopsis reads this is unlike any version you’ve ever seen and that is an understatement. The best parts of this story is Theron and her ruthless aggression to stay young and beautiful. The undertone is very dark, while building to a mysterious ending we all know that is coming. Chris Hemsworth does handsome rugged guy stuff, it seemed like he was just in the off-season of Thor training but was still a force to reckon with. Meanwhile, this will disappoint a lot of you, but wow Stewart looked amazed here. People mock her about everything, but she really pulled this role off. She looked the part of the princess in distress and then the fearless warrior who is so weak but fought with her heart. Like I said in the beginning, I actually enjoyed this movie the second time through, except for the dark magic stuff. The only problem I have now is I don’t remember the connection with the prequel/sequel Winter’s War, so I feel like I need to revisit that one now. 6/10 


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