Walk of Shame (2014)

walkofshameWalk of Shame showcases that even the most recognizable person can have a bad day in the big city. Elizabeth Banks is Meagan Miles, the every night news caster who needs to get home after a one night stand in south Los Angeles. This film has been on my watch list for almost three years and I will admit I was disappointed at the end. The number one aspect that really killed momentum for me and the story was how many times she was called a hooker. Just because of where she was and what she was wearing, she got the raw end of the deal everything. It was funny a few times and under certain circumstances, but every four minutes it was repeated in a different way. It is hard to believe that even in 2014 she was so abandoned and couldn’t get home, granted if it was so easy for her there would have been no movies. I think that this could have been an even more hilarious movie if she had gone through a few different experiences, but repeating the same jokes over and over was over kill. 3/10

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