Peter Pan (2003)

At this point I’ve seen three movies about Peter Pan and I got to admit I really don’t like him or his stories. What really dragged down this live action remake was terrible CGI effects and the acting. Jason Isaacs is well-known for various roles, but his dual role in this film will be one you want to forget. He’s really awkward as the dad and super crazy as Captain Hook. The girlfriend is trying to educate me on numerous Peter Pan movies, but I don’t understand how they can take the same story and change it time and time again expecting a better result, when it’s not great to begin with. This version may be fun and entertaining to some people, but with a cast of no name child actors/actresses it was really hard to get into. 2/10 


One thought on “Peter Pan (2003)

  1. I just saw this for the first time a couple of days ago and I’m gonna be the opposite of you and say I actually really enjoyed this adaptation, lol! I found it brimming with charm and just this fantasy-feel of it all. It’s nothing monumental, but it’s interesting enough and I feel the adaptation that milks the relationship between Peter and Wendy the most. I found it an enjoyable surprise, lol!

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