Coco (2017)

Coco is quite unique compared to its many counter films in the Pixar Universe. I think that whatever they set out to accomplish in the writing room turned into an amazing spectacle on the big screen. Even though we are in the land of the dead, everything is alive with bright colors and a welcoming charm. You would think a movie about the dead would be similar to the Nightmare Before Christmas, but Coco is really about celebrating life after death. Family is everything to this movie and the characters that are in it. The story may be touching and heartfelt through out, but the ending really won me over and made my eyes get watery. The girlfriend cried more than me because she appreciated the efforts they put into making this film and the characters as authentic as possible. It can be a tough chore sometimes to convey all the small details of a culture and its rich history, but Coco hits all the right notes in one of the year’s best animated films. 9/10 


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