Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)

Disney hit the jackpot when it created Olaf, the talking snowman, who is a bundle of melted joy. Catchy songs and hilarious one-liners can only carry a snowman so far, and sadly that was on full display here in this short. Frozen will always be known for songs, and if your kids can sing Let It Go by heart then they will love this Frozen Adventure. Although it is only about 22 minutes long, there is about 18 minutes of song and dance. Tradition is the main theme and these characters definitely carry the tradition of singing every line from start to finish. You may be asking yourself at this point of my review why did I recap everything you already know about Frozen, but seriously there was actually no real substance to this story except singing. Think about this for a minute, one of the most profitable movies of all-time had a short attached to the next greatest Pixar movie and then after two was cut. Whether it was complaints from moviegoers or the fact the content sucked, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was ended really early. At least the studio has time to adjust Frozen 2, because if it is anything like this, we will be in for one heck of a disappoint come 2019. 1/10 


4 thoughts on “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)

    1. Boring is a very good word to describe it. The girlfriend and I just kept looking at each other and couldn’t believe they would produce something this bad.

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