Hook could be hailed as the best film about Peter Pan and his arch nemesis Captain Hook. Although Hook is probably a lot of people’s favorite childhood movie from the 1990’s, I can say I don’t recall watching it as a kid and last week was my first time viewing it. With no disrespect to Robin Williams or Dustin Hoffman, I just can’t find myself enjoying any story about Peter Pan and Hook was no exception. I thought that given the status of the cast and how good movies were at this time, the special effects here in this movie were cringe worthy. The dancing and training sequences were terrible, which meant they tried really hard to please a variety of family going audiences. Even though I little interest this version of a classic tale to begin with, I found myself turning away at several points. We know all what the story of Peter Pan is about and how it would end, so there came a point where I tuned out the rest of the movie and just let it finish. 2/10