The Greatest Showman (2017)

It is probably no secret at this point I am not a fan of musicals. The Greatest Showman was something I was looking forward to because it looked amazing and my favorite actress was in it. Now there are a lot of songs in this film, some great and handful of alright songs. If you don’t like the singing, you will fall in love with the choreography. The moves are breath-taking and really bring the story to life. I was fearful of listening to Hugh Jackman sing again because Les Miserables was terrible, but this guy can actually sing and hold his own with some powerful ballads. Zac Efron can sing and dance with the best of his, so nothing surprised me as he played the second lead in the circus and the story. Sadly Rebecca Ferguson doesn’t do her own singing, but he acting as the world-famous opera singer is memorizing. Zendaya may just be breaking into the feature-length film side of the industry, so to watch her dazzle as an acrobat on the ground and the air was great. Overall, the Greatest Showman will make you love, hate, and then love our main character, P.T. Barnum several times over. His struggles to make a life for himself and his family, while dealing with the fame and fortune of such a life is really what this story is about, but it is also about the people who gave their lives to the circus to entertain those people who come to see them perform.   8/10 


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