Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Jumanji is one of those movies people look back on fondly, that featured Robin Williams and was released in the 1990’s. Although I do not remember the original film at all, I feel that if I went back to watch it today, it would be hard for me to enjoy it. My mind was spoiled today with Welcome to the Jungle because the cast and the story were pretty good. The evolution of the game itself really fit today’s generation because no one pays boards games and everyone knows how to work a controller. Dwayne Johnson does heroic like things (like he does in every movie), while providing some solid comedy relief to Kevin Hart’s usual slap stick humor. It was refreshing to see Hart actually work during his performance, instead of shouting and screaming everything. Jack Black has never been on my list of people I like to watch, so I appreciated his efforts to play a guy who was a girl, even though I would have been okay if he actually wasn’t in the story. Karen Gillan showed that her Guardians of the Galaxy training paid off by kicking everyone’s ass when the time came. The story played up the importance of lives just like any video game would, so there were many aspects a gamer would appreciate in the story. Overall, this second installment of Jumanji was engaging and entertaining. It will most likely get slaughtered by Star Wars at the box office, but there is a large group of people out there who are excited for this film and shouldn’t leave disappointed. 7/10 


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