The Disaster Artists (2017)

The Room was so amazing that two brothers, James and Dave Franco, felt that the cult classic needed its own documentary/feature-length film. Not much is known about the iconic Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau, but this man with a heart of gold and bottomless money pit will try to make his and his friend’s Hollywood dreams come true. Rejected at every turn for his weird and outspoken personality, Tommy (James) teams up with his best friend Greg (Dave) to create a movie that would go on to be one of the absolute worse movies ever captured on film. What The Disaster Artist aims to show us is how chaotic filming was. The characters on set were always on pins and needles as one man tried to call all the shots, pay all the bills, and be the star. People inside and out of the project knew this is whole experience crazy stupid, but went along for the ride into history. James Franco is getting praised for his performance and vision on this movie, which should get him a nomination or two, because he really immersed himself into this role, one I can only imagine was challenging enough to begin with. He showed the world that Tommy Wiseau didn’t create a masterpiece, but what he did create has its own unique place in film history. It just goes to show if you find the right resources, you can make nothing into something. 6/10 


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