Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

Pitch Perfect 3 was aca-terrible. The original film of the trilogy was the absolute best because it was a fresh idea and brought a whole new music genre to the limelight. The sequel was kinda just meh and didn’t improve on the original product… then there is the third film, that hit theaters this past weekend. Pitch Perfect 3 took everything special about the original idea and destroyed it. The riff off in this one was complete garbage. The songs may be better than the second, but the characters and overall performance ruined everything special about it. Who ever wrote this couldn’t come up with any real group storylines, so we are forced to find out that one of them has a drug lord father who tries to kidnap her for millions. How does that work with the original concept of Pitch Perfect?!? These films are about an a capella group and their thrust to win competitions, not a comedy attempt to copy a James Bond movie. Please someone explain why this ended up so bad and far from the beginning. The ending for the group and the girls were meant to bring the laughs, which I did chuckle a few times, but the whole film was a terrible way to end the Bellas and what was once so great about Pitch Perfect. 2/10 


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