Downsizing (2017)

Downsizing could have and should have been an amazing movie/concept, that wastes the performances of everyone in the cast. You could ask why I feel that way, this trailer looks amazing and unique. Well, once we get past the first 30 minutes of the movie when Matt Damon’s character gets downsized and adjusts to his new life, the story just goes down hill from there. The movie is 2:12 which is by far way longer than it ever should have been. There’s a party scene where Paul (Damon) spends maybe 20-25 mins stoned out of his mind just wondering around. Didn’t the writers have a better way for him to deal with depression. The girlfriend and I felt he needed to go back to what made him happy in life, being a doctor, instead of traveling down the path he chose. Instead of helping the people in Leisure Land, he’ll end up in Norway and almost join a cult who think the big world is coming to an end. If you’ve followed me this far, you’ll probably be wondering just what I am…how can a really special idea get so ruined. Maybe you’ll go see Downsizing and appreciate it, or you’ll maybe it will leave you with an empty feeling like me. Either way, downsize your expectations, it will save you in the end because out of the new releases on this weekend, I’d rather watch Pitch Perfect 3 again. 2/10 


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