Pixar set the standard for tug at your heart-strings animation, so whoever tries to duplicate those same emotions always comes up short. Ferdinand is a great movie, for both the kids and adults, but was lacking the emotional power that we’ve come to expect over the last two decades from blockbuster animated movies. This story about a bull, who is more a lover than a fighter, also lacked the cultural references you would expect from a movie set in Spain. Some of these characters were great, including Ferdinand, but the “bad guys” weren’t really bad enough for you to pick sides in the story. If you take away anything from here, it’s that you should always stand up for yourself no matter the circumstances. People will try to change you or make you into what they want you to be, but if you believe in your heart, you can achieve your dreams. Yes I know this about a bull fighting his natural abilities, yet this can really apply to everyone anywhere because sometimes we are not meant to do what we were born to do. 6/10