Father Figures (2017)

I wish I had one positive thing to say about Father Figures, but honestly I got nothing. Why on earth did they think a buddy comedy with Owen Wilson and Ed Helms would be funny is going to be one of life’s greatest mysterious. Neither can really carry their own roles in films where they are stars, so paired up is an even a bigger train wreck then you can imagine. Just looking at the poster and cast you’d think this could win comedy of the year, yet everyone is given limited screen time and stupid characters. The fact they hammer the mom slept around joke into the ground really brings the entire story down to some low levels. At the end, you’ll be surprised the entire story waste a time since everything the two main characters were looking for didn’t exist to begin with. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you don’t leave upset… I won’t know what to say to you. Not the absolute worse movie of 2017, but definitely in the top five or three. 1/10 


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