The Shape of Water(2017)

Water surrounds us at every corner; whether it falls from the sky or prevents us from walking to Europe, it is necessary for all life on this planet. Water also has its own creatures; whether fish or human-like is up to one’s imagination.

That’s what we have here in The Shape of Water, a romance, drama, and sci-fi mystery wrapped around a Cold War theme about going to space involving humans and creatures.

The creature from the blue lagoon was pretty spectacular given the advancements of CGI technology. Mike Shannon does his best work when he’s the bad guy; whether he’s from another planet or just an egotistical security guard, Shannon delivers here like always. Lucky for us, Sally Hawkins’ character has a good conscience and can be our lovable hero.

There are a few moments that if you can’t handle gross stuff, you may turn away, while a handful of other moments you’ll question why certain scenes were added into the story.

Overall The Shape of Water was an interesting watch because of how the story comes full circle and really explains the mysterious bond between our hero and the creature. If you are smart, you may figure it out or maybe just as surprised as I was.

However, after watching this movie, I do not support it to be the best picture of the year. I know the academy likes to go off the grid for its selections, which may make me cringe if this wins the big prize. 5/10



3 thoughts on “The Shape of Water(2017)

  1. Literally fell asleep twice watching this movie in the first 5 minutes. Third time I watched it, I had to force myself to stay awake. There’s currently 20 minutes left in the movie and I’m still waiting for something spectacular.

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