The Foreigner (2017)

The Foreigner shows that despite his age and long career of kicking ass, Jackie Chan still has it. It can be debated whether some of these stunts were changed so an older person could pull them off, but knowing Jackie did everything himself anyways. Sometimes a special trait that you don’t always see in these action packed movies is that of patience and knowledge. Experience comes with old age and Chan’s character is able to wait for his prey, for them to make the wrong move and catch them off guard. Every time they turn around, there he is ready to beat someone up or kill them. That was probably my favorite part of this cat and mouse game. Pierce Bronson plays a spectacular bad guy, who is cold and calculating, willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to save his ass or his public image. Some people may have passed on this story because they don’t think Jackie still has it or that the story would be weak. The story fits the back drop of today’s world because bombings happen all the time. Whether trained professionals seek revenge for these actions is what The Foreigner is all about. 7/10 


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