Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)

The Bring It On franchise can only come up with so many “new” cheer leading story lines, before they eventually repeat themselves and push people away from their movies. Cheer leading is really a cut throat sport, where there is never a shortage of drama. Whether it’s love between team mates from different teams or revenge against a rival club, Bring It On tries it’s best to show us how life is at national competitions. It seems the only way to get people to watch these films is to get more creative with the dance routines, which I got to say is really the best part of the movie. I don’t remember every detail of the previous movies, which probably helped me somewhat enjoy this one. I wasn’t into it for the story, but some of the jokes were funny and the finale was pretty good. There’s a part of me that wishes they used more mainstream music for their routines, even though I know these films are low-budget and they probably don’t want to pay for the rights. This fourth installment won’t be the worse movie you’ve ever seen, although it can never compare to the torch barrier, that is the original one. 4/10 


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