Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had been a movie that I’ve wanted to watch for many years now. Although I do not have a favorite western film to date, Butch and Sundance did not make the cut. This classic western may have been a hit in 1969, though I didn’t feel it could hold up to my expectations in 2017. The film started out with a bang and I was totally along for the ride of these hoodlums robbing people. Then the chase across the desert and mountains is where the film lost me. After that the boys round-up their number girl and head south, only we get a really bad black and white photo montage of their journey. Instead of learning from their mistakes the boys go right back to robbing banks and then the movie ends in a good old fashion Mexican stand-off that just ends. Talk about being disappointed. I respect both Paul Newman and Robert Redford more than anyone from those old Hollywood days, so I was sad this was the end of Butch and Sundance. Quite honestly I thought there were a handful of films about this these characters, but this was it, so that made the whole experience even worse. Maybe in 1969 I would have loved this gun slinging film, but I just couldn’t appreciate the art of this film. 6/10