Insidious (2010)

I vaguely remember watching Insidious back in 2010. When I went to see it opening weekend, all I remember was sitting in the very front row of the theater and spent the whole time looking up at the screen. Only twice in my life have I sat that close before, so I don’t recall enjoying the movie or the experience. I watched Insidious last night for the second time and there were several moments that made the hair on my arm jump and sent chills down my spine. This story was good and creepy, scary in a way that doesn’t involve bloodshed and gore. Sadly I feel the rest of the franchise has yet to live up to the first installment, but I have yet to see the fourth one so the jury is still out. I find it amusing that Patrick Wilson decided to pursue the horror genre to make a name for himself. Not only was he successful in The Conjuring, but here in Insidious as well. I prefer his role as Ed Warren more, but he seems to have found a niche for himself and he should roll with it as long as he can. Rose Bryne also shines here as the wife and concerned mother who has no clue what she is involved with. There was never a moment she over sold herself, she was just so animated with fear. I wonder where this story could have gone with the sequels and prequels, but we just have to accept it as it now because it’s already been writing. Insidious was a good scare, especially for a generation that is used to bloodshed to scare you. 7/10 


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