The Water Diviner (2014)

The Water Diviner peaked my interest last year after stumbling across the film on Netflix, which led me to watch the trailer. After finally watching it last night, I got to admit I am really torn on how much I want to like/love/dislike the movie. The beginning made me question whether this was what I was hoping for or dread what was to come. Then the story shifts strictly to the present day when Russell Crowe’s character begins the search for his missing boys. The people he meets on his journey will help him and push him away at the same time. The story finally peaked my interest about half way through when fate steps in and brings new hope for his search. There is a happy ending here for most of the main characters involved. Ultimately the deeper meaning of it all is how after the World War there were countless of humans who never made it home or were even identified. Some people got lucky and got closure while others lived on with more questions than answers. The Water Diviner has gotten amazing reviews and praises for the story, setting, and how true to the time period everything looked. When the brothers are left for dead on the battle field, I wanted to cry but I just never got there. It is a sad moment for sure, as it turned out that particular moment was what made this story so meaningful and so impactful at the end. I can’t say this film lived up to my expectations, then again I can’t say it failed me either. 6/10 


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